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The best conversion rate optimization practices are dead – well, not so soon!

Before the advent of multivariate testing technologies, the only option for conversion rate optimization practitioners was to follow empirically proven “best practices”. Now that multivariate tests are often showing that many of the best practices are not as generally applicable as originally thought, many are questioning their validity. We think that the best practices deserve the attention but be wary of their limitations.

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Website Conversion Rate’s Road To Hell: Web Page Clutter

We all know saying that road to hell is driven by good intentions. Likewise, by adding needed content and functional elements to your web pages, you can seriously impede your website conversion rate.

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It’s the Year 2010 – Did You Know That You Can Manage Your Website Conversion Rates?

How is it possible that more than 10 years since the demise of ‘eye balls’ as a measure of website performance do we find that we are still stuck in the “number of visitors” paradigm? Learn how to convert visitors into sales, instead of how to count them.

One would think that the days of …

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