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Salesforce Launch Social Workflow, Merging Analytics Rules with CRM

This story originally appeared on V3:

Rosalie Marshall wrote Salesforce unveils Social Workflow for social media analysis

Salesforce has launched a new product for enterprises designed to analyse social media conversations and comments on…

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Cyber Monday 2011 Marks Biggest U.S. Online Spending Day in History

Cyber Monday 2011 was the heaviest U.S. online spending day in history, with the holiday season as a whole up 15 percent YoY to $15 billion this season-to-date. Average order values increased 2.6 percent and mobile traffic to retail sites are up 3…

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Google Maps for Android Adds Indoor Mall, Airport, Store Maps

If your Android is set to auto-update your apps, you might have missed the new version of Google Maps. With it come two primary new features: indoor maps and a new UI.

Similar to the newly announced UI changes to Google properties, Google Maps n…

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Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

Bing has released a list of the top searches in 2011. Bing’s recap, while far more comprehensive than the 2010 edition, mainly focuses on entertainment and celebrities. In that sense, Bing’s top searches lists do serve as a so…

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Featured Section and Dupe Content Issue

Hey Everyone, I have a client’s site where the categories are what control what post goes to the featured section of the front page. Is there a way

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Adobe to Acquire Efficient Frontier in Mission to Optimize Ad Spend

This story originally appeared on ClickZ

Zachary Rodgers wrote Adobe to Buy Efficient Frontier

In another major marketing acquisition for Adobe, the company has agreed to purchase search centric agency Efficient Frontier. The deal brings …

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Renewed Calls for Privacy Law Following Facebook FTC Settlement

This story originally appeared on ClickZ:

Kate Kaye wrote FTC Settles With Facebook, Renewing Calls for Privacy Law

Facebook shared user IDs with advertisers, allowing them to tie Facebook data to information gleaned about users on other …

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New Google Redesign Ditches Black Navigation Bar

If you finally just started getting used to the Google+ Bar – that black bar of Google links you see while traversing Google properties – it’s going away soon. In an effort to reclaim more screen real estate, Google is trading in the b…

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Mark Twain Again Follows Halley’s Comet…This Time in Google Doodle

How appropriate that in a month that a Google Doodle featured Halley’s Comet that Google would follow up by celebrating Mark Twain’s 176th birthday with a panoramic Doodle depicting one of the most famous characters he created, Tom Sawyer.

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3 PPC Ad Tips Inspired by Infomercials

A few weeks ago at ad:tech New York, Matthew Lesko stopped by my company’s booth and freaked me out by doing this! And as that finger haunted me for the following couple of nights, it got me thinking about the success he’s had wit…

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